Teleported 2

by Myka 9

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“Teleported 2” is the sequel to the “Teleported” album released as a collaboration between Myka 9 and Freematik, building on their partnership made while creating soundtrack music for the Dark Moon motion comic series. The music is a psychedelic blend of hip-hop with electronic music elements and unique themes, sometimes tying back to the sci-fi roots that the collaboration began with.

This album will be released sequentially, one track at a time, until it is completed in 2020. Anyone who purchases the album, now or later, will have access to all the songs. Please support the continued production of this album by buying the album now, it would be much appreciated and will allow us to make an even better final product!

Myka 9 has a long history in hip-hop that is difficult to sum up in a short statement. He has had an amazing solo career as well as being in groundbreaking groups such as Freestyle Fellowship and Haiku D’Etat. His style is unmistakeable and can be recognized immediately.

Freematik is a multimedia producer who works mostly on music, music videos, and comics. He is best known for the Dark Moon comic series and an album he made in 2010 with just an iPhone, called “iMatik” which gained international recognition as the first legitimate album made on iOS. In addition to working with hip-hop artists, he releases solo instrumental music and continues to work on new comics.


released September 21, 2019

Mixed by: Brycentenial

Produced by: Freematik


all rights reserved



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Track Name: Smyle
watching the clouds go by when i’m high knotching up loud the dial as i drive
playing with a puppy i imagine in my mind these are things to make you smile
giving someone a hug and then a nug
wishing the sun would come then it does
reading a good book or the one i love..
a vase full of flowers could replace many hours that i paced under towers and just prayed for a shower when the taste of some chowder out in space to devour it’s a dream just wake up now
a view from a satellite a crew that can galvanize the mood when you’re satisfied and truly feel gratified and blessed as i fantasize the beauty i can’t deny the...
taking a weekend trip to the beach
the cake and then eating ice cream with a peach
or trying something new and different no one can teach self esteem create be proud
looking at the city lights with a lens cooking up some grits and spice with a blend
wearing your favorite outfit not the trend...
chocolate chip cookies and hot coco rockin it with rookies at hiphop shows
exercising even doing yoga on the road me and my queen relate get wild
enjoying the perfect cup of coffee free employees that’s worth the buck you’re offering
checking funny youtube videos of human beings...
talking to your mom very calm
writing someone a letter from the palm
playing on the swings and helping children get along in between just break it down
having a dance party and major plans laughing and jamming to your favorite band
listening to a killer playlist from japan...
hanging out with your peoples having fun
surprise a loved one with a gift they always wanted
a good quote like it’s all love helps a ton don’t scream you’ll wake the town
do a cartwheel flipping somersaults walking barefoot on the sand just to talk
going for a swim in the ocean with the sharks...
running in the rain saying a prayer
trying to keep dry umbrella share
spending time with family when they care..
a little kitten playing with a teddy bear eating breakfast but naked no underwear
play your favorite movie sitting in the open air so clean hits vape then pow
taking a bubble bath and counting cash making it double fast n hustle that
staring at the stars and stellar path...
driving late at night and hauling ass hiking taking time to mow the grass writing funky rhymes and playing jazz
every day is special that one has
plant another garden grow some gas when you get a pardon for your past reaching fame and stardom hope it lasts ...deeper thoughts of wisdom having class keeping awesome visions for the mass sleeping warm and blissful on a raft meditating as the enlightened one with an ever present smile

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